2017-02-28 21:21:50 by OfficialNovacore

Hi folks,

I managed to get my hands on the Vocaloid software finally and got the Miku English and Cyber Diva voice libraries. I'll be learning the software over the next week or so but expect new tunes with Vocaloids in them very soon. :)


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2017-02-28 21:50:20

Is this your confession that you're going anime.

OfficialNovacore responds:

Nahh, I'm actually not an anime fan. It's more like idk any singers that would collab with me and I've recently found some amazing vocaloid songs on YouTube and figured I'd throw my hat in the ring


2017-02-28 22:28:43

Thank god I was worried. I just noticed that most people use Vocaloid for anime covers

OfficialNovacore responds:

Lol I know, all my stuff will be original


2017-02-28 22:48:39

i only use Vocaloid with Prima. still struggling on using its disastrous GUI.

OfficialNovacore responds:

Prima is great for opera kind of stuff, I'll get it when I make more epic orchestral stuff. Cyber Diva and Miku English are great for my EDM productions. The UI for Vocaloid is terrible but unfortunately it's what we have to work with