Geometry Dash

2017-02-10 14:21:56 by OfficialNovacore

Hey all,

I keep getting told my music is being used in Geometry Dash but I can't find any levels. If you guys have any gameplay footage of you playing a level with my music on it please comment, I'd love to see them. :)


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2017-02-10 15:49:54

Lucky you. I should start making some dubstep.

OfficialNovacore responds:

Give it a try!


2017-02-10 16:34:11

My music is being used in Geometry Dash as well. As you may have noticed, if it happens the same way my music does, more plays on a song means more levels using the same song on Geometry Dash. I even use my own music on Geometry Dash as well! ;)

OfficialNovacore responds:

I don't play Geometry Dash much or make levels at all. On my YouTube I get a lot of comments like "heard this on GD" and I'm curious what levels people make out of them. Considering each one of my songs gets 500+ plays here I'm assuming they're used relatively frequently


2017-02-11 03:31:03

This is my lvl: 28264897 enjoy it :)


2017-02-11 16:04:02

I'd search "Geometry Dash NovaCore" on YouTube and try each video that pops up (unfortunately there is a level called "NovaCore" that doesn't use a song of yours), but you should find a few at least. Or if you want to search for yourself, download Geometry Dash, click the tools button to the right, the magnifying glass, then the plus button for the search filters. Then click "song", then change to "custom", and insert the ID of a particular song of yours (can be found in the URL of the song on Newgrounds), and click search!

OfficialNovacore responds:

Interesting, I'll have to give it a try


2017-02-12 05:39:31

You can normally filter levels in accordance to song ID, maybe you could do that?


2017-02-14 02:44:03

I maked level with We are number one rmx but i don't have video on YouTube. Sorry.


2017-02-25 20:33:13

A guy named JackO GMD made a layout using your "We Are Number One" remix :p Alot of levels use that song ;3