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I had about 30 unreleased songs that I made over the years and have never put out. These songs are now available on iTunes and Google Play if you would like to buy them. School has been kicking my ass this semester but I'm still working on music and have got lots to show when everything is done. Stay tuned! :)


2017-01-15 22:33:44 by OfficialNovacore

Hey all I just released an album on iTunes and Google Play (Spotify link coming soon). Please help support me by buying it, consider this like a donation system that helps me fund my music. Here are the links:


Google Play:

I really hope you guys enjoy it, it's all my stuff from 2016 plus some bonuses. :)

In All Honesty

2017-01-13 14:27:58 by OfficialNovacore

One problem I've been noticing with Newgrounds is how it hasn't updated its genre feed. I have a few future bass songs in my catalog but am hesitent to put them out on Newgrounds due to mislabelling it as dubstep or some other genre that it's not. It'd be nice if Newgrounds could add a new genre for trap to encompass all things trap.

My Software

2017-01-08 03:33:39 by OfficialNovacore

I get asked a lot what software I use to make music so this post is to clarify this. My dance stuff (Dubstep, trap, future bass, etc.) is all made in Ableton Live 9. The main synth I use to make my sounds for these genres is XFer Records Serum. My ambient/orchestral stuff (you'll be hearing more of this) is all made in Cubase 9 using various kontakt libraries. If you've anymore questions feel free to ask.

Many thanks to all of you for supporting me and my music! I have a lot more good stuff to come so stay posted. :)

Taking Remix Requests

2016-11-27 15:57:31 by OfficialNovacore

If you guys have any requests for songs you'd like me to remix just leave a comment. Whether it's a song from a video game or a song by another producer, I'm open for whatever. :)

Working on an EP!

2016-09-23 23:19:30 by OfficialNovacore

So I've been hard at work on an EP. I have each song about half way done so far. There's melodic dubstep, some house, disco, and future bass in it so a lil bit of something for everyone. I'll post each song here on NG as they're done and release the EP seperately on artist union. Hope you guys are excited! :)

I'm Officially Back!!!

2016-09-12 19:25:26 by OfficialNovacore

Hey guys,

So I've been gone for the most part of 2015 and all the way until now and there are A LOT of reasons behind that. Here's a link to the YouTube video explaining everything that happened to me last year and what you can expect from me: I got some new dubstep stuff in the works so keep your eyes peeled. Hope you all have a fantabulous day! :D

Your boi,


I'm Back!

2015-03-30 00:57:10 by OfficialNovacore

Hi everyone! So I'm back (haven't been away, just haven't posted anything on Newgrounds). My profile is now up to date with my most recent releases. I got some great new stuff coming up in the near future! Have a great day everyone! :)