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2017-12-17 10:59:34 by OfficialNovacore

I'm gonna try streaming me making music. You can follow me here:

Damned School...

2017-09-17 17:13:41 by OfficialNovacore

So, my previous post was an attempt to market a Halloween album I started working on earlier this year. What I was planning on doing during hiatus was learn a software like Blender or Cinema 4D so I could make the art myself and truly have control over my brand. But, it turns out, my school schedule is absolutely nuts so I've no free time to learn said software. The whole I am dead thing was gonna foreshadow a "brought back to life by machines" thing for an album, and the album would have a machine like feel to it. Oh well, some things I can't control. I'll just be releasing singles as I finish them. I have like 50 songs in the works but none of them are done. That's the creative process for ya. Just letting you know I'm coming back, unfortunately unable to make my own art, but it'll be a little bit before I finish some things.


I Rest Here

2017-08-12 23:03:21 by OfficialNovacore

I plan on completely leaving newgrounds and leaving this Novacore project to rest in the dirt forever. This was a project I started 7 years ago when I was just 14, and I don't want to continue something I'm not passionate about. Every time I try and do something I really enjoy I get a lot of hate for it, showing I can't take this project anywhere I want or in a direction that would continue to inspire me as an artist. I hate EDM now, I hate almost everything about it. The genre that I once religiously followed has become a hollow shell of its former self. I'll reappear somewhere, as someone different, but I won't give any news about it or any hints. I really wish things didn't have to end like this, but if I'm going to move on I need to let this project rest in the dirt. I have so many fond memories with the Novacore project, and honestly it's been a hell of a ride, but I'm moving on to different things. I need to rest here, I wish you all well with your future endeavors. Thank you for many amazing years.


The Novius project was started as an avenue for me to combine my love for cinematic music with electronic music. I was REALLY hesitant with putting the tracks up on Newgrounds, and seeing my favourite track of the project get front paged is super cool. I've got more stuff to come for the project, but each track takes lots of time to make. Thank you all for the support on it! :)

Genre Decisions

2017-04-12 12:51:25 by OfficialNovacore

I have quite a few future bass and trap stuff that I want to put out on here but I've no clue what genre to call it. Any suggestions?

I hope you guys like this and learned a bit from it. :)

Tutorials Incoming

2017-03-26 00:37:38 by OfficialNovacore

I just got myself a brand new mic since my other one wouldn't record properly anymore and can now make video tutorials once again. I'll be working on some sounds and what not to show off in tutorial vids. I'll post each one I make here on Newgrounds as well so you can see them. :)


2017-03-01 19:47:23 by OfficialNovacore

Was wondering if you guys would like me to make a Q&A video, you can post your questions here and I can answer them. :)


2017-02-28 21:21:50 by OfficialNovacore

Hi folks,

I managed to get my hands on the Vocaloid software finally and got the Miku English and Cyber Diva voice libraries. I'll be learning the software over the next week or so but expect new tunes with Vocaloids in them very soon. :)